Foundational Concepts in Creating a Plant Wellness Way EAM System Topic Introduction Slide

PWWEAM is a scientifically based, risk eliminating EAM methodology used to get world class operating asset reliability. So, what are the key foundational concepts behind the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology used to deliver that outcome?

The foundational concepts dictate why Plant Wellness Way EAM is constructive the way it is, and why it works the way it does


Slide 10 – Foundational Concepts in the Plant Wellness Way EAM Methodology for World Class Operating Asset Reliability Topic Introduction Slide


In the foundational concepts portion of the Plant Wellness Way EAM training course is explained the full range of understandings and knowledge behind the PWWEAM methodology. The foundational concepts drive the thinking and the activities performed in the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology.

The topic coverage starts with the science behind failure and reliability. Understanding Physics-of-Failure is one of the vital foundational concepts to successful use of the Plant Wellness Way methodology. As is the correct understanding of risk creation and risk management. So too is it necessary to have an appreciation of system design and system reliability. It is also key to comprehend business process design and the chance of business process failure. Error-proof work process design and accuracy-controlled work procedures are other important requirements to getting the world-class task quality that brings world class operating asset reliability.

These foundational concepts, along with all the other vital concepts used in Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology are explained in this part of Day-1 presentation. The foundational topics set of slides constitute the longest section in the first day of the PWWEAM methodology training course.


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