Profits from High Availability and Low Maintenance Cost Pays for Your Plant Wellness Way EAM System 100 Times Over

The two big paybacks of Plant Wellness Way enterprise asset management methodology is you get high availability and low maintenance costs every time: you can bank on it!

Plant Wellness Way EAM re-engineers your business system to make new operating profits from high availability with low maintenance cost as the normal way you operate


Slide 9 – High Availability with Low Maintenance Cost Are Natural Outcomes of Using Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management Methodology


High availability with low maintenance cost are the business results you get from Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology. By working on and improving the EAM system, the slide above shows Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology delivers both exceptionally high availability and exceptionally low maintenance cost.

You often hear managers say that the last 1% and 2% of availability is very expensive to get. That is not the case with Plant Wellness Way EAM, because from the very beginning of creating your enterprise asset management system with Plant Wellness Way EAM strategy, the last 1% and 2% of plant and equipment availability is already designed into how your Plant Wellness Way EAM system delivers world-class high availability.

Working on your EAM system lets you build the best processes and embed the best practices throughout your company. PWWEAM methodology simplifies and speeds up designing and construction of an EAM system focused on making the utmost operating profit. Getting low maintenance cost and high availability become automatic and natural outcomes of the way you and your people work.

Expect the performance of a Plant Wellness Way enterprise asset management system to be clearly better than the EAM, maintenance, and reliability methodologies and techniques normally used by organisations. The standard EAM strategy is to reduce breakdown maintenance with preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance. The next step is to improve reliability with proactive maintenance to keep plant and equipment healthy. The process of getting to high reliability is often called “the journey”. When companies embark on the journey it takes 5 to 6 years before there is substantial gains in availability and lower maintenance cost.

In Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology world-class reliability is the required outcome you must have. You work on the whole business system and set up its processes, strategies and practices to automatically make high availability and low maintenance cost the normal way that your organisation operates. Because you’ve embedded world-class reliability into your operation’s behaviours, you always get high availability and low maintenance cost every day, every week, every month, forevermore.


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