How to Change a Standard EAM System to a Plant Wellness Way EAM System for Operational Excellence Success

You can change a standard enterprise asset management system and create a Plant Wellness Way EAM system for Operational Excellence by using Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology

Instead of going from policy to practice, as does a standard EAM system, PWWEAM goes from parts microstructure to practice. Thereby ensuring you get plant, equipment, and machines that are world-class reliable


Slide 6 – How Plant Wellness Way EAM Methodology is Used to Change an EAM System to Get Operational Excellence Success

This is how to change standard EAM systems into a PWW EAM system for operational excellence


The image above shows how Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management is used to design and build an EAM system for Operational Excellence. In fact, providing a sure path to get world class plant and equipment reliability needed for operational excellence was why Plant Wellness Way EAM was invented.

When you look at the range of standard Engineering Asset Management models that companies typically choose from (many of them are shown in the article on re-engineering standard EAM systems for Operational Excellence), they use an EAM Policy to decree the purposes of the EAM system. From the Enterprise Asset Management Policy statement they choose processes and adopt necessary practices intended to achieve the EAM Policy aims.

Starting with a EAM Policy statement makes it near impossible to create an EAM system that gets the world-class operating asset reliability needed for Operational Excellence success. Going from Policy to practice ensures much randomness in your processes and workplace practices. Starting with an EAM Policy guarantees thousands of uncoordinated and ill-considered choices will be made across the organisation and throughout the equipment’s service life. Everyone will try to meet the EAM Policy requirements without realizing the flow-on consequences to the business and the asset’s life cycle from their choices. That’s the perfect definition of business process randomness.

A Plant Wellness Way EAM system for operational excellence starts with just one requirement—to make the component parts in all your plant and equipment outstandingly reliable. When you have world class reliable plant, equipment and machinery parts you always get world class reliable operation with least maintenance costs. To get a Plant Wellness Way EAM system for operational excellence you select only those processes, strategy, and practices that guarantee that outcome and use them in your organisation.

With PWWEAM methodology you can re-engineer a standard EAM system into one that can reach Operational Excellence. All the necessary processes, strategy, and practices you need to create world-class reliability for operational excellence are identified with PWWEAM and you put them into your old EAM system.


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