15 Precision Maintenance Excellence Quality Standards You Must Achieve to Guarantee World Class Equipment Reliability

World-class equipment reliability is a man-made creation and so it is completely in your control. You start by setting process management and work management standards that produce world class reliability.

When you want utmost operating equipment and machinery reliability, you must meet the world-class targets of the 15 precision maintenance excellence requirements below.


Slide 23 – Meet these 15 Precision Maintenance Excellence Targets and You’ll Get World Class Reliable Operating Plant, Equipment and Machinery

The slide above shows 15 precision maintenance excellence requirements needed to minimise the stress in equipment and machinery components. Achieving these precision standards is the purpose of the precision maintenance methodology and work quality techniques used in world class machinery maintenance and rebuilds.

Ensure all the fifteen requirements of precision maintenance excellence noted below are met at the highest standard and the parts in your equipment and machinery are at the least microstructure stresses. This guarantees that the components are the utmost reliable, and that makes the equipment they are part of is also utmost reliable.

  1. Chemically correct, Contaminant-Free Lubricant
  2. Precise Fits and Tolerance at Operating Temperature
  3. Shafts, Bearings, Couplings Run Precise to Centre
  4. Distortion-Free Equipment for its Entire Lifetime
  5. Forces and Loads into Rigid Mounts and Supports
  6. Precise Shaft Alignment at Operating Temperature
  7. Precisely Balanced Rotating Parts
  8. Least Total Machine Vibration
  9. Precise Torques and Tensions in all Components
  10. Correct Tools in Precise Condition to do quality work
  11. Only In-specification Parts
  12. Precision Skills and Techniques
  13. Failure Cause Removal
  14. Proof Test for Precision Assembly Quality
  15. Quality assurance system to make all the above happen together, forevermore


In Plant Wellness Way EAM you set a target for each precision maintenance excellence standard. The target value for each of the 15 requirements is its world class quality standard. When this level of task precision and work quality control is achieved a component lives its entire service life at the least operating stress levels.

To create a “mental bullseye” with the Target quality as the centre you also set the worst allowed quality as the outside edge. With an outer Tolerance value specified for each precision maintenance excellence standard, you define the extent of allowed variation. Once the quality gets as bad as the worst Tolerance value you must correct the problem and return the quality back to well within the required precision maintenance excellence range.

The world class precision maintenance excellence Targets are found in books written by the world gurus on each specific requirement. The Tolerance standards are found in international engineering standards and original equipment manufacturer’s technical and operating manuals.

Achieving all 15 precision standard requirements concurrently is how you guarantee your equipment and machinery get their utmost reliability. The last requirement—establishing a work quality assurance system—is necessary to ensure all the other precision maintenance excellence standards are achieved and sustained for the lifetime of your operating assets.


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