Your Best Enterprise Asset Management Strategy is to Walk an Hour Every Day

How You Look After Your Body Is A Tell-Tale Of How You Look After Every Other Physical Asset

The Care and Conditions You Give to Your Body Show the Values and Principles You’ll Use On Your Organization’s Physical Assets

The ancient Egyptian saying, “As above, so below. As within, so without” contains much truth. What you create outside of you comes from inside of you. Which implies if you want to have a particular thing it’s necessary to first create the capability inside of you. To achieve your goal by any other way is due to random luck.

Proactively creating and looking after the good health of your body and mind is called wellness. How you look after the most important asset you will ever have in your life reflects the thinking and actions you will do to care for every physical asset you will impact or touch in future.

Getting a lifetime of health and wellness is not just for humans. If you think enterprise asset management is something only used for things such as buildings, infrastructure, plant, equipment and machinery, then you’ve got it all backwards. The thinking and behaviors that bring human beings wellness are universal and directly apply to buildings, infrastructure, plant, equipment and machinery. Asset health and wellness is a creation. You will care for physical assets in the same ways you care for your body.

Learn how to make and keep your body in a state of health and wellness and you’ll be able to use those principles to give (and keep) any other physical asset health and wellness.

The easiest way to come to understand the right principles to use in the discipline known by the names of enterprise asset management; life-cycle asset management; physical asset management is to learn how to make (and keep) your own body healthy, fit, and in endless wellness.

All the enterprise asset management training courses, conferences and seminars in the world, and all the international enterprise asset management standards ever written, will never make your organization’s assets world class reliable if your way of thinking and living cannot bring you personal wellness and health. Once you know how to get your body a lifetime of fitness and well-being, prepared and ready to provide good service, you have the proper values and principles to bring lasting wellness to other things too.

All the very best to you,

Mike Sondalini
Lifetime Reliability Solutions HQ