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Training Courses In Enterprise Asset Management, Maintenance Excellence, And Plant Reliability Management For Operating Sites

We Do Vertically Integrated Training Courses So Every Level Of Your Company Contributes To Getting World Class Operational Performance

Teach the people in every level of your operation how to get outstanding production and maintenance performance from machinery, plant and equipment

Lift operating and maintenance results with vertically integrated in-house training covering the knowledge and methods needed for successful enterprise asset management, work quality assurance, equipment reliability and maintenance excellence.

We are Specialists in Physical Asset Management Systems Training, Practical Plant Reliability Management Training, Maintenance Management Training, Plant and Equipment Reliability Improvement

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Learn best practice methods, skills and knowledge needed for operational excellence, industrial maintenance mastery, equipment reliability improvement, and successful enterprise asset management. Use our industrial training courses to learn vital knowledge, skills and abilities that improve work quality, performance and results.

With the world class industrial training courses listed below you get best practise asset management and maintenance methods, successful equipment reliability improvement techniques, and learn how to use precision work quality practices to deliver outstanding industrial maintenance performance and operational excellence results.

Get world class Industrial Training for Your Operations and Maintenance Workforce

Listed below are specific descriptions and contents of courses delivered to industrial organisations covering production asset management, Lean, maintenance and reliability training. Follow the links to an extensive range of world class asset maintenance management, reliability improvement and industrial Lean training that makes your operation perform more effectively and lowers your operating costs.

You can also request us to develop new material for a specific industrial maintenance or reliability training topic you require.

Ask us to create special in-house courses to up-skill your people in specific areas of interest. You can have training courses covering Lean topics, particular industrial equipment operation, and industrial maintenance and reliability engineering course matched to your operational and maintenance aims. Contact us directly if you want special training to be done by our expert industrial training course presenters.

Vertically Integrate Your Operations and Maintenance Staff and Workforce Training

You get powerful, vertically integrated training solutions from us. Put your managers, engineers, supervisors and whole workforce onto an integrated training plan that will ensure common knowledge and insights are give to all your people at all levels of your organization. By vertically integrating world class industrial maintenance management, reliability improvement, and enterprise asset management training courses you put everyone in your operation on the same path to continuous improvement.

Help all your people rapidly adopt the best practice methods, skills and knowledge that improve work quality. Get everyone to work together to lift your operating and maintenance performance. Teach every person what to do in their role to deliver high equipment reliability and operating plant availability. Train every organizational level in the best asset maintenance methods and reliability practices they can do to maximize operational excellence results and world class maintenance performance.

Clients who asked us to train their people with specifically tailored in-house training courses include:

Nickel West Refinery Perth, Western Australia Precision Maintenance for High Equipment Reliability Training

Worsley Refinery Collie, Western Australia Applied Reliability Engineering for Operating Plant Improvement Training


Iluka Resources Capel, Western Australia Introduction to Precision Maintenance Training


Nickel West Refinery Perth, Western Australia Precision Maintenance for High Equipment Reliability Training


Imdex Limited Workshop Perth, Western Australia 5S Introduction and Implementation Training


Verve Energy, Collie Power Station, Western Australia Extending Roller Bearing Life and Bearing Lubrication Training


Murrumbidgee Irrigation Leeton, New South Wales, Australia, Centifugal Pumps and Pumping System Training


Riyadh Cement Company Saudi Arabia Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training