Reliability Engineering Training Beginner Course

Complete Reliability Engineering Training: A Beginners Course PowerPoint Slides, Notes, Examples, Materials and Handbooks

Complete Reliability Engineering Training For Beginners PPT Presentations, Course Materials, Spreadsheets And Software Models

Intended To Double As A Site Reliability Engineer Handbook For People New To Reliability Engineering And Reliability Analysis

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The complete training Modules 1, 2 and 3 with all PPT presentations, spreadsheets, examples and materials used in the Reliability Engineering Training: A Beginners Course are available below

After we developed the Reliability Engineering Training: A Beginners Course materials we realized it would be great content for a Site Reliability Engineer handbook suited to all newcomers to reliability engineering and reliability analysis.

Included in this complete Reliability Engineering Training: A Beginners Course Modules 1, 2 and 3 are all Reliability Engineering PPT PowerPoint presentation slides, all materials and documents, spreadsheets, and reliability software models. It’s full of the content expected in a Site Reliability Engineer handbook for newcomers to reliability engineering.

The topics are ideal for people learning reliability engineering basics. There’s plenty of PowerPoint slides full of good, detailed content; there’s examples of doing reliability analysis; the reliability math’s are well explained and there’s worked examples; there’s a separate course workbook for assignments and a reliability engineering textbook to help students do the assignments—everything in the course was just what beginners to reliability engineering need.

In the download you get are all the PowerPoint slides in Module 1, 2 and 3—a total of 465 reliability engineering PPT slides. Each module is focused on an aspect of reliability engineering and its use. Module 1 introduces you to Reliability Engineering theory and analysis. Module 2 gets you applying what you learnt in Module 1. Module 3 covers how to implement the reliability improvements you recommend. All modules come with all their full suite of supporting information and sample examples on the module’s topics.

Information in the Reliability Engineering Course for Beginners
The following PDF documents explain what’s in the reliability engineering training course materials. The content is what needs to be a Site Reliability Engineer handbook for people who have to learn reliability engineering basics and use them to improve operating plant and equipment reliability.

Reliability Engineering Training for Beginners Course Learning Plan

Reliability Engineering Training for Beginners Course Workbook Content Page

Reliability Engineering Training for Beginners Course Sample Slides from Modules 1, 2, and 3

Reliability Engineering looks hard to do to newcomers. Much of it is not. Many reliability engineering methods, techniques, and analyses are straightforward to apply for everyday use in industrial operations.

The Reliability Engineering explanations in a Reliability Engineering textbook look difficult. When you open one up you see complex diagrams, confusing tables and charts, and statistics and probability math equations. Reliability Engineering gets difficult with complicated or large systems, and in intricate modelling situations.

Scary technical Reliability Engineering books begin their chapters with a thorough explanation on the theory of the topic. They include probability math proofs containing Greek numerals and extend across the page on multiple lines. There’s justification for using the complicated equations. They often include curved-line diagrams derived from tables of data intended to explain the theory. Examples of using the math and theory are left to the end of the chapter.

This textbook is the opposite—where it’s possible, the chapters start with an example to show the use of Reliability Engineering in a practical way. Useful reliability engineering theory and the least math is only provided where its inclusion is valuable to understanding the topic.

The images in this book mostly come from the Reliability Engineering Training: A Beginner’s Course presentation slides. The slides in the course cover the relevant topics and information a newcomer to Reliability Engineering needs to know. The textbook is focused on providing information and explanations related to the assignments in the course. It complements the slides and gives more details on issues and knowledge required to complete assignments well.

A lot more is known about Reliability Engineering than what is in this book. After all, the qualification is a four-year university degree, after which you can do a Doctorate, and a Masters in a Reliability Engineering topic. This introduction to reliability engineering textbook is for the every-day, practical situations that commonly arise on the operating plant and equipment in industrial companies, and mobile vehicle fleets. It provides fundamental Reliability Engineering techniques and methods used to extract useful intelligence and solve the reliability problems of operating assets.


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