Maintenance Planning and Scheduling PPT of All 3-Day Training Course Presentation and Materials

Maintenance Planning And Scheduling Training PPT from 3-Day World-Class Maintenance Planner Training Presentations
Get The Complete Coverage Of How to Do Maintenance Planning And Scheduling Processes, Roles, and Duties.

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This complete maintenance planning and scheduling PPT presentation slide set contains the details on best-practice maintenance planning and scheduling techniques.

You get all the content, methods, and materials from the 3-day training course maintenance planning and scheduling PPT presentation to help you improve reliability, lower maintenance costs, and build a highly productive maintenance crew.

Plus, free extra bonuses:
1) Three maintenance planning books describing all the slides presented on each day of the course covering the topics of maintenance management, maintenance planning, and maintenance scheduling.
2) 9 maintenance management processes; including maintenance planning, maintenance scheduling, shutdown work management, weekly work management, unscheduled work, and more.
3) A complete SIPOC flowchart of maintenance planning and scheduling processes detailing the workflows. Plus, much more free support information.

These comprehensive maintenance planner training PPTs give you world-class maintenance planning training content full of knowledge and explanations on the maintenance planning and scheduling processes. You get access to the best practice maintenance planning and work scheduling skills and know-how.

You are sent a link to download the Maintenance Planning PPT (PowerPoint) presentation slides from our world-class 3-day Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for Reliability Training Course. Use the maintenance planner training PowerPoint slides to learn, teach and understand the best-practice maintenance planning and scheduling principles and methods used to get high equipment reliability and the least maintenance costs.

The Maintenance Planning PPTs and maintenance planner training materials you get contain fully up-to-date PowerPoint slides, course workbook, and lots of valuable supporting information.

Maintenance Planner Training PowerPoint and course materials you get in the 3-day Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for Reliability Training Course PPT presentations and course content (495 Color PowerPoint slides, 104 Page Workbook, and free bonus support materials) explain world class maintenance planning and scheduling practices and methods.

The maintenance planning training course receives great reviews from attendees and you can access the same information and knowledge in the same maintenance planning training PowerPoints seen by the people that attend the maintenance planning course. The following testimonials are from maintenance planning and scheduling training course attendees who saw the maintenance planning PPT presentations delivered. Attendees gave unqualified support for the 3-day maintenance planning course content and the unique value-adds they got from it.

  • “Very good – has changed the way I think about maintenance planning.”
  • “Helped to give me confidence that I’m heading in the right direction in planning.”
  • “Usually I find if one thing of use is learnt per day then value is achieved; value has been achieved! Also good notes, CD and risk analysis template.”
  • “Some very good concepts to take back to work which could help our business.”
  • “Very interesting, more than enough information for a 3-day course.”
  • “The course members from industry were very impressed with the content.”
  • “Being a planner for only three months, I found this course excellent and relevant to my position.”
  • “Heaps of information put out.”
  • “Very informative. Eye-opener in some areas.”
  • “Excellent – will help with future job prospects.”

This leading-edge maintenance planner training course content takes you through the complete maintenance planning process, the maintenance planning system, and the maintenance work scheduling process. It is focused maintenance planner training that develops the right know-how and teaches exactly how to control maintenance work quality, and how to do maintenance scheduling that gets maintenance work done to deliver highly reliable plant and equipment.

The maintenance planning PPT training uses an imaginary scenario where a new Maintenance Planner learns the best-practice maintenance planning processes and maintenance planning system requirements from an old Maintenance Planner. In your maintenance planner training PowerPoints, you get complete explanations and new insights into the maintenance planning role and how it is best done. The 3-days of the maintenance planning training presentation gives you all the information and knowledge you need to do world-class maintenance planning and scheduling work.

Day 1 of the course introduces you to best-practice maintenance management so you truly understand how the maintenance planning and scheduling role fits into the maintenance business context.

Day 2 is completely about the maintenance planning function, the maintenance planning processes and the maintenance information management systems needed to do maintenance planning well.

In Day 3 you complete maintenance planning. Then you go onto a comprehensive coverage of the maintenance scheduling process and techniques that the maintenance scheduling function uses to co-ordinate Production and Maintenance and get work orders done safely, to schedule and on budget.

The content of this maintenance planning course was developed by world-leading maintenance managers and maintenance planners. They have passed-on the best practices so that people in the role of maintenance planning and scheduling have the right information to do their job outstandingly well.
Great quality content and coverage in the 3-day maintenance planning and scheduling course PPT presentation:

View a PDF document of sample slides from Day 1 of the course explaining the business of maintenance management:

Maintenance Planning PPT Day 1 Slides

View a PDF document of sample slides from Day 2 of the course explaining best practice maintenance planning:
Maintenance Planning PPT Day 2 Slides

View a PDF document of sample slides from Day 3 of the course completing maintenance planning and explaining maintenance scheduling best practice:
Maintenance Planning PPT Day 3 Slides

View a PDF document of the full 3-Day Course Content
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling 3-Day Training Course Content

View a PDF document of the full 3-Day Course Workbook Content

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling 3-Day Training Course Workbook Content

Attendees to the 3-Day Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course have come from large and small organisations across all types of industries:

BHP Billiton (Iron ore miner), Fortescue Metals Group (Iron ore miner), Woodside Energy (Oil and Gas producer), BGC Construction (Building products manufacturer), Wesfarmers Premier Coal (Open-cut coal miner), Pearlsteet (Maintenance services), Albany Pine Plantations(Woodchip supplier), Esperance Port Authority (Bulk materials), Talison Mining (Tantalum Miner), Anglogold Ashanti and KCGM (Gold Miners), Onesteel (Steel Roll Mill), Hans Smallgoods (Cold Meats), Hyne Timber (Saw Mill), Defense Materiel Organisation (Armed Forces), Offshore Su Tu Den Group (Vietnamese O&G)

Below are links to copies of 3-Day Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course feedback forms to see for yourself what Attendees said of the course and its contents. Every Attendee leaves the course with a solid understanding of the critical role the maintenance planner and scheduler has in improving maintenance work quality. They learn new techniques to help them lift their maintenance planning and scheduling performance. You too can use this detailed and comprehensive PowerPoint presentation to discover new and important knowledge of maintenance planning and scheduling that boosts your operation’s equipment reliability and plant uptime.

View JPG images of real feedback forms from the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course:
Feedback Sample 1Feedback Sample 2Feedback Sample 3Feedback Sample 4


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